How To Be A Teacher on LabEx

We need you!

We highly encourage school/college teachers, veteran programmers and like-minded techies to use LabEx as a teaching platform. We don’t mind your background or experience, we care more about the quality of content you deliver. And yes, you will get a handsome reward for your efforts.

We are interested to work with:

1. Teachers in University/Colleges.

Most universities let students install their own Linux system to practice and complete assignments. We can help teachers move their labs to LabEx’ online platform for free.

We can create dedicated private courses for your students. After that, students can join a specific private course with your invitation code, and they can complete the labs.

Teachers can see the lab/challenge status of every student. You can use these data to analyze their capability and performance.

Contact us by email info[at] today with your course description or related links. Our development team will check it and reply whether or not your course can work well in our lab environment.

Nb: LabEx ≠ MOOC (Coursera, Udemy etc.)

We focus on the lab part. You can move all your courses to LabEx platform if you prefer. We believe online hands-on VM lab is convenient for students since they practice everything on-the-go. Such a method can advance their confidence and skills. Isn’t it way better than the old approach?

2. Technical Writers and Anyone Who Wants to Become LabEx Instructor

We are looking for freelance trainers/technical writers/bloggers/engineers or anyone who is good at creating self-learning courses in programming niche.  We are firm believers in learning by doing, hence instead of giving video tutorials, we have built hands-on labs.

Connect with us today:

  • If you want to teach with hands-on labs.
  • If you hate the time-consuming videos.
  • If you believe in “learning by doing”.
  • If you want to help students advance their skills by doing labs.

We’ll do our best to promote your labs to the world and connect you with students around the world.

Technical Areas

We are specifically looking for people having hands-on knowledge in the following areas:

  • Linux
  • Python/Flask/Django
  • DevOps
  • Networking
  • Database/MySQL/NoSQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Security
  • Java/SSM
  • C++
  • PHP7/Laravel
  • Big Data/ Hadoop / Spark
  • Golang

Or whatever works well on a Linux (Docker container/ Ubuntu Linux OS). Just submit the topic via email info[at]

Remuneration and Copyright

You can earn money right away if we accept and buy your course. Once a course is accepted, LabEx holds the complete copyright and you cannot re-use it in any place online or offline.

We will follow the copyright law, industry standards and don’t accept any content copied from other places.

Keep in mind that we don’t encourage “re-written content”.

In general, we pay in the range of $100 to $500 per course. There should be at least 1-10 labs. Pay is calculated based on the length, quality and topic.  No royalty or any bonus incentives will be paid for the approved courses. However, we will give you a shout out on social media.

Trust us, we won’t use rejected course materials on Every submission will get a reply and feedback. 🙂

How to Apply:

  1. Email info[at] with the course name/topics/subjects you can write, you are required to provide your previous work samples in the industry to prove your capabilities and command over the chosen subjects. We’ll evaluate and reply whether or not your course suits our lab environment.
  2. We’ll follow-up by email and help you create course outline, including name and description of labs in your course.
  3. You have to provide a delivery plan and the final outline of your course. Then we’ll discuss the final price and buy the complete copyright of the course. We will pay several times based on the milestones in your plan.
  4. You’ll start designing the labs, and we’ll help you with technical reviews and feedbacks. Each course includes 1-10 labs and each lab includes 10-30 hands-on steps.
  5. Draft your work once it’s done.
  6. We will test and update the labs if necessary. Then we’ll upload it the to

Need us clarify anything? Feel free reach us via info[at] We’re happy to help you!!

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